Arch II shutter broken

We have a serious problem arch 2 shutter has failed. And the people that normally repair the shutters are all rather busy including myself.

We could get the people who installed the shafts to come and repair it that would be very expensive, if we can get the shutter down we can close the space until we can resolve the issue otherwise somebody’s going to have to be there are there any volunteers for night Watchmen to buy us a bit more time to fix this problem.

Max and Allen are going to have a look at this morning but if anybody has the time and space available to babysit the space tonight we much appreciated and save significant amounts of money

I can stay from 10pm to midnight. Then come back from 8am to 10am. Else I need the sleep as working whole day Tuesday.

Here is a potential rota?

10pm-12am :@petra
12am - 8am:

8am - 10am: @petra

Thanks all!

We are getting the installers to come fix it, so with luck it will be sorted today- will keep you posted on progress and if we need coverage!



I can probably cover a bit as well if that is useful

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Shutter guy game and it is fixed now. Tested raising and lowering it a couple of times.

Whoever ends up closing for the day, please be wary of anything out of the ordinary with the shutter for arch 2


Thanks everyone for scrambling!

Hi, :smiley: Bill is in the tray on the side in the clean room. Have a nice day (in the voice of the evil robot in flash gordon )

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Thanks for sorting all.