Apron-a-thon (part 1)

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With the soon-to-be opening of Ceramics, we need Potters Aprons!
These have a split in them to allow easy sitting at the wheel. They should be quite simple so would be great to blitz through a few of them so would be lovely to have a couple of helpers.

It’s not a sewing lesson I’m afraid, and I need to keep numbers fairly manageable for the room size so please let me know if you are interested in case I need to set up a rota system. I will be here Sat and Sunday afternoon. You don’t have to commit to the full sessions and there’s plenty for non-sewers to do too.

We will be using this pattern

Tasks may include:

  • sticking together pattern pieces
  • cutting fabric
  • pinning
  • sewing
  • making cups of coffee
  • mopping the sewers fevered brows
  • feeding the head-sewer (ie me) chocolate

etc etc

Also - if anyone has any suitable fabric they would like to donate, let me know. I have some cottons, but something a bit thicker may be more practical.


Count me in for part 1 :slight_smile: I’ve not been in space much recently but am keen to help and get back to making stuff this autumn.

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Happy to try and help out for part 1- don’t know if I class as a Sewer- I can usually manage straight lines independently, but also happy to do other jobs :grinning:

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Would like to give a hand on this too!

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Hi Tracy, I am interested in helping this out!


I could help with some of this, I like to sew!

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Thanks everyone! That should be enough volunteers for this Saturday. I want to make sure I keep you all busy!:rofl:

I’ll be there from midday but just arrive when you are able.

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Big thanks to everyone today. It was brilliant fun and we have already finished almost 2 aprons!


they look great :heart_eyes:

Love the superhero vibe!