Anyone working on woodwork projects right now?

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Hi all, I’ve just joined as a member and I’m especially interested in woodwork. While I’m waiting for an induction workshop I was wondering if anyone is working on something (basic or advanced!) and would be happy for me to observe them for a few hours one day? Woodwork is preferable, but honestly I am open to anything creative. Eager to learn and absorb any info I can!


You can come in and look around and observe people, no problem. Most people are very happy to talk about their projects and their challenges. I reckon if you hang around in the space and find the right people to talk to, offer them tea and biscuits and I’m super sure they’ll be happy with having you observe for as long as you need until you get your induction(s) done and lend you a helping hand with your projects when the time comes.


Are you thinking woodwork projects with hand and power tools presumably? Rather than laser cut / CNC / lathe etc ones? Or just anything really?

Do you have specific projects you are thinking of yourself as well?


I’m working on a shelf at the moment, should be in Monday

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I am holding an induction in the woodshop tomorrow and finish about 15:00 or we have our first woodwork evening Monday 12th 19:00 - 21:00 where there will be woodtechs about, and beginners and experienced woodworkers just talking about all things wood


I’m in Germany at the moment but back end of next week. Anytime I’m in the space I’m happy to show you CNC work or what I’m working on. Just ping me when you see I’m in on the calendar.


Amazing, thanks Mark! I’ll come along tomorrow – do I need to register anywhere?

Thank you so much! Will keep an eye out for your name

Hey Aaron! Yep, hand and power tools primarily but I am open to anything. Right now I’m keen to gain some skills rather than projects BUT I do want to make some wall paneling/moulding (which feels beginner friendly)

Hi Max! Awesome - what time will you be in?

Late morning - early afternoon

Hi Louise,

I will be in too and will be making a pepper milk on the woodlathe.

Feel free to check it out.



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Nope, just turn up!

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