Anyone with a 3phase woodshop key in this afternoon/evening? /

Alternatively would very much appreciate my own key if possible :pray:

Have inductions on planer, tablesaw and bandsaw now. Just missing the table router.

Is it possible to have a box with the keys locked via tool control so only people inducted to 3phase can open it and use the key?


i’ll be around 2-4:30

Problem is , the key turns on all 3phase machinery, tool control needs rollling out

@systems ?

Yes i know… In my mind i was relying on people honestly… Sorry…

My only, real contribution i can give on tool control is to lasercut the clear boxes… Let me know…

Will be back this eve - hoping to get the key cut again if anyone is in?

i’m around.

I’ll be there in about 45min - is there any chance I could buy you a coffee / some beers in exchange for taking the key to get cut before the place closes? I won’t make it before then