Anyone want to go in on a timber order from Acrelane timber?

I need a sheet of 12mm ply which only costs 25 pounds, but Acrelane timber won’t deliver for less than a 100 pound order. Does anyone else need to order anything (not just timber, it can be anything) and want to go in on my order to make it up to 100? The delivery cost to makerspace is only 10, which I propose we split as well.

Their catalog is online at I have found their timber and service to be pretty good in the past.

Post here or DM me by Monday please.

I would like two of these, but it doesn’t show a price. If it’s super expensive, I’d be happy to go with two of the type you’re getting!

Can you call them for the price please Petra? They don’t list prices on their website.

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Bumping this thread because I would like to get an order in today. We are about 30 pounds short of the minimum order for delivery. If you want anything (not just timber) please reply to this message. Does the space want to purchase any timber stock? Building supplies?

Hi Martin, just get two extra if the same you are getting. Thanks!

Well Petra, there were no other takers for this, so we are still well short of the £100 minimum order for delivery. Also, the project I wanted this for is being redesigned so I may need something different anyway (long story involving a 102 year old man and darts trophies).

I had often thought we needed a communal wood ordering system at trade prices, but it appears there is little demand. I don’t know where people get sheet materials from.

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Ah well, Fulham timber in Brixton is the place, but Wickes is cheap and deliveres too.

Yes, there is Wickes and their website says they only charge £7 for delivery, free on orders over £85. I have had varying quality with Wickes before, but some good so it’s an option. I don’t like dealing with Fulham Timber because the staff are indifferent or outright rude unless you are a contractor with a big order. Quality definitely low too in my experience.

My timber requirement is less urgent now, but anyone else wanting to order please pile in on this thread.