Anyone own a concrete breaker?

Hi All,

I have a concrete path in my garden, that I am looking to break up and replace with some paving. Renting a concrete breaker for the day costs £55 on HSS hire, which feels pretty expensive - optimistic request, but does anyone own one that they would be willing to lend me for a day? It’s a small garden so should only take me a couple of hours. Thanks!

Depending on the length and whether rebar was used you can actually get surprisingly far with a sledge hammer and some anger.

I removed a larger shed base in our garden that way but it wasn’t reinforced though quite thick.

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@IvorGreen - Yes, I’ve a Screwfix one gathering dust in the attic. Welcome to borrow for however long you need. Can either collect from SE4 if that’s convenient, or I’ll likely be in the space next week at some point. (It’s in a case but pretty heavy - I guess around 20-25kg including all the bits).

Seeing as you mentioned paving, I’ve also got at least 10kg of priming slurry powder left over from a recent small project that you can also have if you want?

If there’s no rebar, I’m happy to help whack with sledge :muscle: I love smash. Really helps to have a pry bar too.


What a great set of responses - thanks all! @chris_c is there any chance you are around today or later this week? Picking up from se4 would be great if possible, could then return to you next weekend.

I’ve had some success with what is best described as a mini sledgehammer (no rebar), so may end up reverting back to that if I want a bit more exercise…

Sure, will be around later this afternoon - will drop you a PM.

… and as a backup, should you need it, I’ve got an Aldi jackhammer but you’d probably have to pick it up from SE26.

I’ve started breaking some up also. I’m using an SDS with a chisel type bit which is working ok but something bigger would be tempting! How did you get on?