Anyone at the Makerspace Friday, Saturday or Sunday?

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Hi there everyone,

I’m Melissa. I’m a new member with previous experience as a laser cutting technician, I was inducted onto the laser last week.
I’m keen to find out if anyone’s planning on being in the makerspace over the next few days, so that I might cut something? There a nice filter coffee in it for you if you happen to be around!
Let me know!
Looking forward to meeting more people at the space. :slight_smile:

Thank you!

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Looks like it’s open tomorrow and laser cutter available between 10am and midday and between 4 and 6pm…

You can access the bookings by clicking the calendar icon at the top left

Thank you for letting me know @shawaj! That wasn’t in the calendar at the time of my posting.

Thanks again!

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No problem at all :slight_smile:

This is probably a slight generalisation, but the space tends to be open most of the day every friday, saturday, sunday so you’re pretty safe just showing up.

@Kyle (not entirely sure who to tag), have we ever thought about displaying statistics about space opening? e.g. a google style summary so that members can have a better sense of what opening looks like

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