Any shutter access member down tonight?

(Jack Silby) #1

Hey All,

Thinking about coming to the space after work 6.30PM onwards - anyone down tonight?

If not anyone there tomorrow? (realise this may be wrong post format / place to ask this - if so pls let me know).


(Rory Yeung) #2

Hi yes,

I should be there around 6ish

(Jack Silby) #3

Nice - see your laters!

(Chanelle) #4

Hi not sure how that is physically possible I’m using a computer based in Wembley but logged in as Rory? But yes I will be there from 6.

(Tom Newsom) #5

That is really weird. Not any kind of public computer?

(Chanelle) #6

No I’m at work?

(Martin John Finch) #7

Reminder that a shutter access person must be there after you leave too. The last person with shutter access must clear the space when they leave.