Any hosts planning to be in on Friday evening? (13th)

Nothing in the calendar so far, so just checking!

on a friday the 13th? You wanna walk down a dark alley to a place filled with sharp things on a friday the 13th?


Friday 13th: Bath Factory Estate


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Hi,:smiley_cat: imsure I can be around what time are you thinking about popping in D=

Remember the soap!

Also people will be at slms from 6pm loading stuff from the arch to the station I think.


Hi I was thinking around 7.30 for hopefully a couple of hours but will obviously flex according to whatever is possible… No worries if you don’t make it down. Thanks for getting back.

I shall see thee then with the kettle and cup to hand :star_struck: . Keep well Brian D=

Hey I am in the queue to become a member, I have a friend that is thinking of joining too. Can we show up around 7:30/8 so she can check it out?

@Destom - Nick will be using the laser cutter, so he will probably still be there at that time.
There are other members in and out during the evening as we set up our festival.

But also well be getting busy, have you been to an Open evening? There’s one next Wednesday if you were after the full tour.

And you are at risk of helping move stuff!

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Helping move stuff is fine for me at least.
I have had a quick tour I dropped by one day not knowing about open days.
She works wednesday evenings so it’s not really an option.


Hey all… I can’t make it tonight, but can someone find the wood @lewisss cut for me and bring it to the station? Thanks!