Afrotech Fest - sold out but there's a live feed

(Dermot Jones) #1

This has been on all weekend, but I only heard about it yesterday via a tweet from @Grace_OC – we’re now following the festival on Twitter so we should get advance warning next time

As I said above: it’s all sold out, but there’s a live feed running

Check out @afrotechfest on Twitter for more info

(Chanelle) #2

Afro tech festival is by and for black people of African and Caribbean heritage. However, there may be a number of members who are not African and Caribbean heritage who may be accompanying black family/children to the festival. If you are not of African and Caribbean heritage please be mindful of how much space you take up if thinking of attending this festival in the future.

(Greg Nwosu) #3

I was a participant speaker at this festival! It was really good and really inspiring.