Affinity Suite 40% off Black Friday sale - Photoshop/Illustrator alternatives

Affinity have a suite of programs which are a competitor to Adobe’s products. They don’t have all of the more super fancy features (there’s no cloud/AI elements), but it’s great if you’re a casual user.

I use Designer to do my Laser projects and embroidery projects (only jumping into Inkscape to use the InkStitch plugin at the last possible moment) - And in my opinion - leagues much more usable than inkscape and doesn’t crash like Adobe likes to do.

They are currently on 40% Black Friday sale - £40.50 each, or £96 for all three (with a licence that works on both PC, Mac and iPad) - one off payments, no subscription.

Affinity Photo - Photoshop
Affinity Designer - Illustrator
Affinity Publisher - InDesign


Shall I donate a licence to the maker space for an alternative to illustrator?

I might be scheming something :wink:

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Fundraiser to raise a Universal Licence for Affinity Designer (alternative to Illustrator), Affinity Photo (Photoshop) and Affinity Publisher (InDesign) which is currently £96 (was £160) in Black Friday Sale.

Licence allows to the suite to be installed on a PC and a Mac - so is accessible to most members.

Will need to be funded by the weekend to take advantage of the discount.


Wow - Thanks for everyone who have donated, we’re only £10 away from the target already (so fast!)

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Thanks to everyone who donated - the Space now has a licence!

Affinity Designer is now available on the Laser PC
Affinity Designer, Photo and Publisher is now available on the M1 Mac


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Affinity’s Black Friday sale ends today

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