Advice needed - sanding

Hi guys. Hope you are all ok. I have some very noisy works tomorrow outside my back door. So, I have some scaffold boards to sand - so I thought I could combat the noise with some of my own!! Any advice as to what type of sander I should go order tonight from Toolstation / Screwfix etc that would do the Job well but not cost the earth. I’d prefer a corded one as I’m thinking a cordless one will have less power hence take longer ? Any ideas you woodworking supremos as to which one I should get?

A belt sander, compatible spare belts and a belt rubber (to clean the belts for re-use. And no I’m not joking).

They usually have variable speed but check because that’s useful.

Also, please ensure it’s used on a circuit with an RCD or get a plugin version (for enhanced safety in case of accidents).

Again suitable PPE is essential for ears, eyes and airways.

Check the surface carefully for nails and screws, even embedded ones, as they’ll rip your belts.

You might want a tack lifter for those. Get the slightly more expensive version or a couple of cheap ones as they’ll break.

Watch the belt movement as you work as they tend to move and damage themselves. You can move it back with pressure on the other side or there are usually adjustment springs.

Hi Robert, many thx. I’ll see what I can find!