Advice about metal garden hoops

(Sarah Jones) #1

Hi all, I’m wondering if someone can help me figure something out. I’m our school nature garden, we’ve used big logs to edge the paths, but the problem is kids move them around and then they look messy and become a trip hazard. Can I buy or make some metal hoops with two ends, wide enough to hammer down into the ground on each side to secure the logs? Google is either giving me things that are too small to fit around a log, or things to store firewood in. Any ideas? Thank you!

(Rich Maynard) #2

You need a blacksmith to make you some!

Ping me a drawing with some sizes.

(Sarah Jones) #3

Thank you! I’ll measure up today. :slight_smile:

(Sarah Jones) #4

Hi Rich, so the logs there now range from around 10 cms across to around 24 cms across. We could switch them around the to make them more similar and I think the most common size is around 20cm. How much do you think at would be to make say 20 hoops in a range of sizes? Thank you!

(Rich Maynard) #5

£15 for the steel, and I’ll bend it for free!

(Sarah Jones) #6

That is an absolute bargain, yes please! You are very kind.

(Rich Maynard) #7

I’ve done 20, 4@100mm diameter, 4@150, 8@200 and 4@250. Roughly.

I did them in re-bar because of the more interesting texture, and I figured they’d ‘grip’ the ground better.

PM me and we’ll work out a time to meet at the Space.

(Sarah Jones) #8

They look perfect, thank you so much! I’ll message you now.

(Sarah Jones) #9

@RichM thank you so much for making these, I would love to pick them up from you some time. Will you be at the space some time in the next couple of months?