Add on/off switch to USB C power cable

(Dale Connolly) #1

@electronoob @emuboy @neill0 @Courty or anyone else… wondering if it’s possible to put a on/off toggle on a usb c cable?

One like the Nintendo switch charger pictured below. I’d like to cut the cable near the jack and put a lamp-like switch on there. Is that possible? Cheers.

Ps. If not possible, anyone know where to get a longer male/female usb extender with a power switch on it? Can only find this short one. Need a 1m one at least. Cheers.

(Andrew D) #2

It is possible, but probably more difficult than with a USB 2 cable, which had only four conductors. USB C is a connector type for USB 3.1. A USB 3.1 data cable looks like this in cross-section:

Game console manufacturers have been known to do things like require their devices and peripherals to use chargers with data connections (this was the case with Sony PS3 peripherals). So severing the cable could possibly affect its continued compatibility with a Nintendo Switch, if this is a consideration, and you are unable to rule it out before cutting the cable.

Otherwise, if data connections in the charger are not present or not important, you just have to sever the cable and join the power/ground conductors across the in-line power switch (those marked with numbers 2 and 3 in the provided image). There are many more conductors within a USB 3.1 cable, so you just have to identify the right ones. The USB 3.1 data lines are co-axial, so there is little chance of rejoining them if you sever them. If you do not care about that, then it is fairly straightforward. It might be more economical to use a charger which allows detachable USB cables, if things go wrong.

(Dermot Jones) #3

Or…you could use the Nintendo cable and get a USB extension cable to make it up to the required length

(Dale Connolly) #4

@andrew_d wow. Thanks for the info. Did not think the cable would look like that. Definitely think that’s out of the question. Have to find another way to achieve what I need.

@Dermot the issue I have is I don’t want my son’s charger dock on 24/7 but the plug is rather inaccessible. I wanted a way to cut the power to the dock without constantly breaking my back trying to get to the plug socket.

I’m thinking I may get a Wi-fi plug or similar so I can remotely cut the power to the dock.

(Andrea Campanella) #5

Usb C is way more complex than the normal one , cables have circuit inside to negotiate the voltage supported by the device , it goes from 5v to 19v there are 2 pairs of line that can double as data or power , it’s a mess.

You are better of cutting the main power…

(Matthew Marks) #6

Or get an extension lead with switched outlets.

(Dale Connolly) #7

I’m thinking this is the way I’ll probably end up going. Less aesthetically pleasing, but practical.