(Paul Court) #1

Anyone want some strong electrical rams for free (@platinumnqueen22 ?)
They are medical quality and have the control box etc with them.

Let me know and I can drop them off at the space (not to stay there !) or pickup from Bromley BR2.

I can get bin loads of them if needed…


(Pete Hellyer) #2

what sort of throw?


(Rich Maynard) #3

They sound interesting…

(Paul Court) #4

Foot for scale ! The long one has a long ram
I have the Junction box, psu and hand controller too

(Matthew Marks) #5

Yes please! I am making a table which rises out of the floor. The table itself is fine (converted from a hydraulic mortuary trolley) but my attempts to open the trap doors above it with horizontal blocks and tackle are not going too well. I would need four with about 25cm throw and able to pull at least 300N.

I am not a member but I can get a member to vouch for me if necessary.

Oh and said table could also benefit from flaps at the side which extend once it has risen. I don’t want to be greedy but “bin loads”… :crazy_face:

(Off-topic: I have also bought a second-hand car hydraulic roof pump and actuators to play with, but then discovered the hoses aren’t compatible and it’s all a bit hard. People don’t seem to repurpose these - I wonder why…)

(Brian Cox (no relation )) #7

Hi Paul, yes please, :star_struck: what voltage do they work on please, many thanks Brian D=

(Neil Munro) #8

Hi , I could use some for greenhouse automation…
Am in BR2 so could pick up if you still have some left…

(Brian Cox (no relation )) #9

Hi Paul, im down tomorrow evening, (many thanks ) Brian D=

(Paul Court) #10

will try to pop in tonight if I can to drop them off so people can have a look at them.


(Tariq Maruf) #11

Hi Any more actuators available ?

(Paul Court) #12

@platinumnqueen22 took the bigger one. As a member maybe @Frazer should have the two smaller ones that are on the front window sill.
I’ll ask my mate for more as I know a few people want them @Tariq and @Matthew


(Tariq Maruf) #13


(Neil Munro) #14

Thanks Courty,

I’m intending to put them on my doors so I can ventilate my greenhouses in hot weather!

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(Paul Court) #15

Shouldn’t have a problem, they’re designed to lift a hospital bed inc patient…


(Matthew Marks) #16

Maybe you’ll need a rain sensor too, so that they can close up rapidly to protect themselves in case of a shower!