Acrylic blanks arrived?

Hi, I finally got round to sending some acrylic blanks (8 off 5 mm clear and 8 off 3 mm clear) as a thank you for you guys being so helpful to me with a project i was working on about a year ago.

Sorry for the delay and thanks very much again.

The blanks should have arrived last Friday, the 23rd Oct. If nobody was in, then the courier was instructed to leave them with the MOT place next door, so worth checking they are there.

Lastly, I don’t know how much you pay for your acrylic blanks but i got these from a good friend at K2 Acrylics for £6 each for the 3mm and £10 each for the 5mm (plus VAT and carriage).

If you wanted to get more, just call Kevin on 01279 508 305 and he will surely help you.

All the best, Fred


Oh great!
This explains the mystery parcel @petra has been wondering about :grinning:

Hi Fred,

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