Account on Ruby


How do I create an account on Ruby?

Is asking me for a serial number


I think you’re possibly logging in at the wrong level (but I haven’t used Ruby)

This page suggests you just need an email

Ruby is not installed on your PC.
You login via a local web address.
If you try to install it on your own computer, it will ask for a serial number, and you will still not be able to control the laser.

The details are covered under the heading “Working remotely” in the Ruby user manual.
However, I am increasingly of the opinion that the remote access is only useful for training, not for actually cutting anything.

If you don’t already have a Ruby username, you can only get one when one of the laser techs is at the Laser PC.

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This might need to be more clearly stated on the WiKi?

I think this is because @Brendon_Hatcher and no excuse is at fault, make an effort pls :wink:

He told me he’d tell me about Ruby but since then what? pfff :crazy_face:

There’s always Job Control, I still use that until it becomes an issue?

Remember that it is a gift not a right? Almost engraved or cut depending on your settings? :slight_smile:

I’m not trying to install it on my computer, I stated Ruby on the laser computer, it did the webpage on the local webserver
But it promoted to enter an email and password, how do I proceed from there ?

@emuboy you cannot proceed from there.
Trotec have assumed that the administrator is always on hand to add new user accounts.
I am going in today, so if you give me your email address I’ll make you an account.

Can we just create a shared account?

The idea (eventually) is that users will have access rights to their own materials.
At the moment, everyone has access to everything.
However, a shared account would mean that everyone adds jobs to a single profile, and anyone can delete other people’s jobs - only an issue for those people who save and repeat jobs.

I’ll discuss this with the other techs.


I understand the feeling behind it but I ended up have to use Job Control yesterday, not a big deal but I was looking forward to learn Ruby a bit more…