Accessible guitar tuner

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(Billy Wood) #1

Quick make I did last weekend…
Late last week I met a blind guitar player who offered to help me out with an accessible medical device project. In exchange, he asked me to build him a blind accessible tuner.

You plug your guitar into one 3.5mm port and a pair of headphones in another. When you play a note, it’ll say what note it is, and if it’s off whether it is too sharp or flat.
I’m taking it down to his flat for testing later in the week. Afterwards I’m planning on releasing the code open source.

(EdwardBilson) #2

Fab bit of kit!

(Billy Wood) #3

Does anyone have an electric guitar or a bass that I can borrow for about a few hours sometime in the future?
I’ve gone through a couple of iterations on this project, and I think I’m pretty close to being done. I spotted there’s a couple of acoustic guitars dotted around the space, if someone’s happy to leave an electric one that would be useful.
If not, I’ll borrow one from a family member. It’s all good!