Access to Vacuum Form Maker

Hi there,

I would need to make 155 resin pyramids. I created a plaster cast of it and would need now access to a vacuum form maker so I can create plastic mould in which I can pour the resin in.

Any advice would be appreciated where I could gain access to make it myself or if you know of a company that can do it for me.

Thank you,


Hi Adnan :smile: we do have a maycu former one in the space , if you are going to be making 155 pyramids I would make a set of moulds as opposed to an individual one. Im currently building a huge vac former but it will be some months off completion due to the cost of it. Brian D=

Hi Brian, thank you for your prompt response and advice. Would it be possible to come and use the vacuum form maker? I would need a standard one and would do one by one, though a large vac former would also mean larger number of casts and moulds at the same time, however if you are happy for me to use the one you have, I can do it one by one, not a problem.

How much is the use of the workshop? If for any reason, I am not allowed to use the facilities, would someone in the workshop be able to do it for me and I would pay for the services?

My phone number is 07475051148 and my email address is:

I look forward to your reply.

Best regards,

Dado (Adnan)

Hi Adnan :smiley: the slm space is a community workshop for members although if you drop a line to @directors and outline what you would like to do im sure they will point you in the right direction, with kindest of regards Brian D=

Thank you Brian for all your help :slight_smile: I tired writing to directors and the system tells me I cannot send a personal message to them.

Any other ways to contact them?

Thank you,


Hi Adnan :smiley: , will talk to a friend when I swing by tomorrow evening , hang fire , and ill,e have an answer for you by Monday, keep well Brian D=

Have you been to an open evening?

@directors might get a response to your membership application.

Hi Adnan,

As someone mentioned above, were a community workshop run and used by its members. To use equipment we do require you to be a member really. if you have applied then you should receive an invitation soon.

We do have a vac former but its about A4 size, not sure id want to try and do 155 of anything on it !

Once you’re a member, you would then have access to it, you would however have to source the materials as we don’t carry any stock.

Hope this helps


Hi Courty and Brian,

Hope you both had a good weekend and thank you for taking time to reply to my messages. I sent an email end of last week enquiring about the membership and will wait to hear from you.

Would you know when the next open evening is going to take place? Robert, thank you for this suggestion.

You mentioned the vacuum form maker to be the size of A4 (210 x 297 mm), can you please confirm this is the case, as the pyramids are 245 x 245 mm. I would buy/bring my own plastic sheets and can do lower quantities if you are worried a larger quantity would compromise the machine’s efficiency and mechanism in the long term; ideally even if I can just do one to for a start would help immensely so I can cast it in resin later and use it as a template.



Hi Adnan :smile: open evenings are on a Wensday evening if you are applying to become a new member please sign up to the mailing list, if you would like to pop in and have a natter im usually around on a Monday daytime and some evenings during the week .the mayku former is A4 . keep well Brian D=

Hello, I’m in the much same positon as Adnan - only I wish to make one large form, or 6 smaller ones (and fix them together somehow).

I’m looking to become a member and hope to gain access to a Vacuum former. I went down for an opening evening and will be looking to join before the end of the year. Ideally I would like access to a larger Vacuum former. I would consider it to be fair if I were to contribute towards the competition of the larger vacuum former that’s being made. Would that be acceptable @platinumnqueen22?