A simple bubbleoligists smoke dispenser

Hey, real simple project here but one id none the less appreciate advice or materials.
My friends 6 year old nephew is OBSESSED with bubbles at the moment and after having watched Tom Noddy’s bubbleolgy show I thought it would be really nice to put on something similar for him out the blue.
One of the kinds of bubble tricks i intended to do involves colored smoke.
I found a design online:

I am not very handy with hand tools atm, one of the reasons for joining the space was actually to brush up on this kind of stuff.
Does anybody know if the space has a drill bit like this and if so where it may be ?
I was otherwise gonna have a go at it with a bunch of drill holes and a file maybe but i am very open to suggestions on how to make a better fitting hole for the second piece of PVC easier. Same goes with the tubing at the back for blowing into.

Also as i understand these materials are very common and inexpensive.
Does anybody so happen to have some offcuts i may be able to have or know a decent place to buy small quantities cheaply???

I intend to make a couple in all likelihood to quickly switch between diffrent color smokes.


Tom Noddy

Nice one. I forget the chap’s name, but London has a professional bubbleologist and bubble magic shop owner who’s been on the circus arts circuit for years. Kids loved his show when we saw him, in case you’re ever interested.

There’s a dremel at the space with a sanding wheel you might be able to use (@metaltechs is that your tool?). Like you say PVC is easy to cut, I’d give it a go with the dremel and some hot glue or pipe sealant, or electrical tape like the chap in the video.

Diy shops usually have pvc pipes sold by piece, (Iast time I got some from the open till late boose and diy at camberwell green to build a cyclone separator for my blasting cabinet). Also check out b&q and selco on old kent road. The dremel is able to cut pvc but you have to be avare of the molten pvc spraying from the wheel and the blob pushed in front of the it. If that contacts your skin can cause nasty burns, and you need extraction. My preference for cutting it is a hacksaw, it cuts straight, and doesn’t melt the material and it’s faster than the dremel.

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This looks sooooo cool! If you make it at the Space, please let us know so I can observe/participate etc.
Definitely need one for the next South London Maker Festival!


Hey Brendon, that sounds great.
I have ordered some PVC pipes that i am waiting on the delivery of. I am hoping to have them by thursday and so Intend to come down if that is the case.
Otherwise may still go to teach ourselves bubble tricks, could be cool to use the projector rather than crowding one laptop :thinking: .
Not sure what time yet but thought id let you know just Incase your in the area.

Hey Gergo, Thankyou for the reply. Where are the hacksaws stored in the space ? I seem to recall vaguely once being shown where some jewelers saws were but honestly cannot remember and presume that would not be an appropriate kind of blade.

Thankyou for the info, I think I may have found the guy and bought some of his mixture to compare to some other recipes. Apparantly there is such a thing as PVC pipe weld that my friend has picked up. Should hopefully mean less puff than electrical tape :thinking:

By the metal area…

These ones!


Hey Brendon, Should be at the Space for about 6:30/7 this Thursday.


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Hi. I am not well. Will be saving my strength for the induction I am running on Friday. Post photos of your progress!

looks good! if you chop it up I’ll show you the pillar drill in the weekend

I once had to consistently wrangle some smoke filled bubbles for a feature film and I know some bubble artists at The Magic Circle. If you’d like an introduction, let me know.

James (SLMS newbie!)