A matching pair of bags completed!

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Hello hello,

For those who haven’t met me yet, Im Charles and Im a freelance accessory and luggage designer, You can usually find me hunched over the laser cutting various textiles to make into bags!

Heres my most recent commission, all cut on the laser cutter last week!

Part of a re-occuring collection i’ve been developing over the years inspired by Ghillie suits used by the military. I love the way these two came out, they’re matching as one is a gift for the owners brother as a going away present!

Made of coated Nylons inside and out, finished with Leather details.

As i’ve said to people in house, if anyone ever wants any scraps of fabric to play with, and of course, advice on designing, cutting and sewing i’m always more than happy to get involved and help out. And I have hundreds of metres of fabrics laying around so always happy to give materials away to you lovely lot!



Wow, nice work. They look brilliant. Very impressive!

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Nice one! Thanks for sharing!

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very nice - are you selling them or was it a custom commision?

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Thanks! :slight_smile:

Thanks! Much more to come :wink:

They were a custom commission yes. The base design/shape is based of of a design ive been a few times now and know works nicely.

I am planning on selling a range of similar bags, Just taking ages to decide on final designs haha. This is what my most developed style looks like!

Always open to commissions though!


They look great. Nice one.

Cheers james!

Lovely work thanks for sharing

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