A home desk - but there are bits I can't actually do with my tools at home

Hello, I’m new and wanting to find out how things work here. I’ve a project making a desk for my home, I’ve got all the wood cut and various bits to assemble it, but there are two things I just can’t do properly (or at all):

  • I need to drill two 12mm dia holes, 20mm deep, one each side of a 300mm wide bit of 24mm deep ply. Firstly, I don’t have a 12mm drill for my corded drill, and secondly, they need to be nicely perpendicular, and I have no jig for that at home.
  • I need a 10mm wide x 10mm deep channel routed most of the length of a 60mm long bit of ply (25mm wide, 15mm deep). Two-off. I don’t have a router.

Is it possible to borrow these tools at SLMS? Or perhaps find someone to do it for me?

Andrew, Brixton.

Hi Andrew,

Nice to meet you!

Sounds great that you have a project set up.

I can help, based in East Dulwich at the mo.
Drop a message if you’ve yet to sort it out!

Jonty, you are a star, thanks for that offer! I am still in the market. I’m still sizing up exactly where the two 12mm holes need to go, as soon as I figure that out, I’ll get back in touch.