9th Aug 2018 - Electornics and Programming Night

(Paul Court) #1

Who’s about tonight ? I’m going to pop in for a while as I’ve got a couple of bits to play with.

This will be my last one for a few weeks as i’m off on my hols :smile:

Courty and the @electrotechs

(Daniel Sikar) #2

Is LoraWAN on the menu or better after your hols?

(Paul Court) #3

I have got LoraWAN working but its a little disappointing so far.

The Things portal is a little flaky, the cheap boards are not that reliable and the whole thing feels a bit too ‘beta’

Happy to show you where i’ve got to, the small remote boards are things of beauty and have an ESP32 and OLED on board, worth it just for those…


(Daniel Sikar) #4

Ok will pop down for a nose thanks!