4 Printers

(electrotech) #1

Description of storage request (include dimensions)
4 desktop printers, 2 are brand new mono laser printers and 2 second hand inkjet printers.

Storage Location (be precise)
I believe items should be kept in snug when not being worked on?

Start Date (be in the future if possible!)
I brought in 2 new printers already 2 days ago, a third today and awaiting fourth.

End Date (be pessimistic)
2 months from today.

I figure it be worth mentioning why, as printers probably sound like the perfect candidate for additional space waste and junk.

Once this project is completed we will have a new tool for the electronics lab, which will bestow the ability to print a circuit board design directly to the blank copper board bypassing complicated and error prone steps, for the manufacture of circuit boards.

I personally have an interest in using laser while @joeatkin2 is more keen on inkjet to pcb, which is why I wish to store 4 printers. 2 are laser and 2 are inkjet.

I wanted a duplicate of both printers to overcome potential problems that may arise.

(more info for the curious)