3D Scanner - new release

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These 3D scanners have just been released on pre-sale. They have very decent specs. It’s similar to their previous generation Mole scanner I’ve used, and uses the same software which works very well and is very easy to use, even for an absolute beginner. AI makes tracking on these much easier. The lite is £205.19 on presale. The version with full colour capture and better resolution is £359.66. They can work with the Mac M1 or a Windows PC with integrated graphics. A high spec graphics workstation PC / gaming PC isn’t needed as with some scanners. It’s recommended for small to medium sized objects (15mm to 1500mm), which covers the use cases we generally have. At 0.05mm resolution that the Lite has, one can read a what’s printed on a label from the ink being raised up. It’s about as accurate as the CNC or 3D printers will go.

The presale price is discounted by about 1/3. Standard delivery is free. This seems a really good deal. The full colour version would of course be nice to have, but the £205 lite scanner would still be a good option. Full colour would be great for getting scans of things that members have made, which could then be showcased as full colour 3D models.

Any interest in the space getting one of these? If so, which one?

Ahh I did see these in passing the other day and look interesting. We could look at getting the older units sold and replacing with one of there. I have had chance to look properly at the specs.

Looks interesting…

@scday94, hi, don’t think we’ve met (I don’t come in very often!) but do you know if the space currently has a working 3d scanner?

I had been looking on discourse but only found a reference to a potential donation by @shawaj in the new year…did anything happen with this?

I’d been looking at potentially buying one but would be great if there’s something usable at the space, or a potential to get one of these moose ones…

We do have one that technically works but I wouldn’t say the results are great or fast and you are quite limited on size. It’s a matter and form scanner. I think it’s on one of the textiles shelves at the moment. You are welcome to have a look

It seems that we might possibly get £250-£400 for the M&F scanner (?). The Moose Lite has greater accuracy (0.05mm v 0.1mm) and can scan larger items as well. The Moose scanners also have a turntable option (an additional £13 for the motorised turntable), but items do not need to be scanned using the turntable as with the M&F. That is hugely limiting with the M&F. Unlike the M&F, the Moose can be used to e.g. scan the saddle of a stool for CNC carving, scanning a persons face, hands or feet, an electric guitar etc. It’s much more versatile.

What I found sets these apart from other scanning systems under £1500 is capturing good scans is easy. When tracking is lost, it is easy to pick up again. The AI this uses also means that one can pause, turn an item over and continue scanning and the AI stitches it all together properly. Scanning by hand can be very challenging with garbled scans, hence scanners use turntable systems. The AI makes handheld 3D scanning very much easier.

For £219 (£182.50 ex VAT), the Moose Lite with a turntable would be a good replacement for the M&F. It would be even better if we could get the Moose with full colour capture and higher accuracy, but selling the M&F might not fully cover the cost of that. (£311 with turntable ex VAT, which we can reclaim).

These are only at pre-sale prices for a limited time, so should aim to make decisions on this asap.

Hi, sorry didn’t get notification of replies on this thread…

Thanks for the info guys.

Have you used the earlier versions of this moose scanner? eg The Seal scanner. The reviews seem a bit mixed!

I might try to have a go with the M&F scanner if it’s still there, and see if it’s good enough for what I’m trying to do.


I used the Mole scanner. Similar specs to the Moose Lite and same software.

Let us know how you get on with it.

I gave the M+F scanner a test run. It’s painfully slow: an hour and a half to do a scan at the highest resolution. A scanner like the Mole or Moose would take 5-10 mins to scan a similar sized object. It has a small turntable and very limited scanning area. When it eventually completed scanning, I didn’t get anything- just an empty xyz axis. The software had quite a nice interface though.

Can we list this for sale or eBay or wherever and see how much might get for it?

Yes I think we can get this listed and put the money towards pledging for a more useable 3D scanner.

@davidN - Do you mind looking at listing this on Ebay?


I considered adding it back with the printers but I was a little concerned about just how bad it is. Anyone who buys it is surely going to be annoyed at the results?

If I do add it, it’ll have to be with a disclaimer and surely that will result in a very low price? I suppose we don’t have a use for it so might as well get what we can?

I saw a couple of these listed on eBay. Simply need to state make and model and same info as those listings. It is what it is. No need to give a disclaimer.

This is listed for £699 - opened ‘never used’ - identical model v2. I’d copy and paste most of the blurb which is manufacturer’s info.

Try filtering for sold or completed and nothing returns.

The listings have been at very high prices, so not really surprising. I’d suggest listing at £200 - much much lower than e,g. £699. Of course it’s possible that it still won’t sell, but it seems more realistic.

I think list it maybe only £50 reserve just for the hassle and fees. specify it is barely used, I dont think you need to say its crap. its up to the buyer to do their due diligence as to wether its any good or not. at least we are listing it at a low price and they are actively deciding to bid on it. If they want to ask questions on the listing then they can.

On eBay in the USA they are selling for around $200…


So I would list starting at £200 and see what happens…