3d printing or injection moulding?

(RobertL) #1

I’ve nearly finalised my designs and I’m thinking about manufacturing.

What is the cheapest/best way to get 10 objects printed or injection moulded?

Can my STL files be used immediately for injection moulding?

What quantities make this a viable option?

Can I 3d print the injection mould?

Does anyone print commercially?

If so, how much would 10 x 6 hour (SLMS Ultimaker) prints cost at about 7m filament per item?

How do I pay for the filament I’m using other than buying a reel?

I’m happy to buy a reel if that’s the best way.

(Pete Hellyer) #2

Re: printing commercially, try https://champion3d.com - @josef is a nice chap and used to be a member here.

(laurent_muchacho) #3

If you send me your STL I can give you quote.

To your other question

  • The cheapest would be 3d printing, injection moulded is usually cost efficient for much higher orders think 1000min however I have seen ads for UK company that do small jobs for 10 or so I’ll recommend shapeway if you require SLA/SLS quality
  • your STL would most likely need modification to be injection moulded compatible but the company can do this
  • for the filament you can use the one marked as free to use otherwise there is page in here somewhere with filament supplier I use 3dfilaprint most of the time