3D Printing Induction/Private Lesson?

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Hello, I had an induction to 3D Printing somewhere else a few years ago, but not at SLM. I have a small, flat item I’m looking to 3D print and wondered if anyone can assist? Here’s a photo of the kind of thing I mean. I don’t have any print ready files as yet so may need help with that aswell… But I’ve used 3D StudioMax in the past. Thanks!:star:

Hi Elizabeth,
I’m in a similar situation… I’ve had an induction on the 3D printer at SLM but could do with a bit of a refresher.
I can help with the 3d files though… From 3DSMax you can export to a .stl file.
Then you can open the .stl file in Cura, which is Ultimaker’s free software that prepares the file for printing.
In Cura you can adjust the print resolution and infill density to calculate how long then print will take.
Then the file needs to be saved onto a memory card for the printer read.
Hope that’s helpful.

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@DanSmith, @Elizabeth99, I’m happy to help if you need a refresh, I recently serviced both printers recently so they are ready to roll, feel free to contact me directly so we can organise something.

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Hi Andrea, that would be really great, if you are around any day next week (except Friday) to meet up at SLM - thank you so much.

Hey, I’m still in Italy, I’m back the 26th but I have some backlog of things to do, maybe we can meet a Thursday night during the electronic night?

Thursday 30th would be good for me if you are around, much appreciated ! If not then a Thursday in October.

Possibly in October

Great! I don’t suppose we could fix a date in October? Thanks

Elizabeth, it’s quite straightforward, and I’m sure you’d feel confident after reading up a bit!

Have a read of the tool page

How to load filament:

Using Cura software