3d printing help

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(Oli Passey) #1

Hi all,
I have a design (that was done for me, but not taken beyond prototype stages) to hold an old laptop LCD, raspberry PI & and an LCD Controller to create a 3d printed screen enclosure, its 95% done but lacks a few bits. I’ve found myself with two weeks extra holiday and would like to finish it off if at all possible.

Bits missing are

  • an internal strut to hold the Pi and the LCD controller in place (they both have mounting holes on, so i wanted to use them) I think i’ll be able to draw a laser cut design for this rather than 3d printing.

  • A better way of permanently connecting the two pieces together (glue isnt cutting it), but i don’t know enough about 3d printing to know if i should be adding holes for screws into the designs or just drilling them manually after a print.

I am not yet inducted on the laser cutter or the 3d printers so realise i can’t attempt this alone, yet.
Would someone be willing to help me out ? I have stl files ready to go.

-Left.stl (105.5 KB)
Right.stl (81.7 KB)


(Louis) #2

If you ask the @lasertechs nicely, im sure we can slot an induction in for you… maybe on an evening this coming week?

(Oli Passey) #3

That would be great if someone wouldn’t mind :slight_smile:

(laurent_muchacho) #4

I’ll look into it this evening and let you know if I can print those.
Unfortunately I won’t be able to do a 3dprinter induction until the new year. Alternatively if someone that has been inducted can show you how the printer work and walk you through the condition of usage and risks you should be fine to use it.

(Oli Passey) #5

Thanks Laurent, much appreciated.

(laurent_muchacho) #6

Hi Oli,

I’ve looked into your file. This are a bit challenging to print due to size and some design artifact that will require a bit of support.

Quick estimation make each print around 6 to 7 hours and should fit on one of my printer. The parts size are outside what the space printer can do. based on time and before my printer are being packed for my move I could print those for you this week and you can pick them up from my place or the space once I passed by to drop them

Do you have a budget in mind? Cost would be around £20 (3dhubs quote is around £40)

Let me know asap as mentioned moving house is a pain and I stopped accepting most bigger jobs until I’m settle in my new place.

(Oli Passey) #7

Both those prices are much lower than what i had been advised of previously so that is well within budget, i’d happily pay you the £40 for your time and assistance.
Where roughly are you based? Happy to collect from you to minimize disruption - im still battle-scarred from my last house move.

I had a question about how best to go about connecting the two pieces together permanently - would be interested to hear your thoughts as i’ve had a few ideas but lack the knowledge of 3d printing to know which would be best.

(laurent_muchacho) #8

Excellent I’ll get started shortly and give you an update, is black work for the colour?

To join PLA I use cyanoacrylate (super glue) with a kicker or accelerator. Tried most of everything else and it’s the one use regularly. I’ll show you when you get to my place I’m in West Norwood

(Oli Passey) #9

Ah brilliant, thank you so much!
Black is perfect.