3d printer supervision while at Lathe induction (tonight)

I’m attending the lathe induction tonight in the woodshop and was also hoping to get some 3D printing done - very aware we cannot leave machines running unsupervised so would it be okay for me to temporarily move one of the machines into the woodshop so I can keep an eye on it while doing the lathe induction? @3dtechs

Very happy for this to be a no due to dust/non flat surface etc/recalibration required, appreciate i’m a bit of a chancer.

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This is going to be a no I’m afraid. all the dust will gum up the greased lead screws. Thanks for checking though!

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Cheers for the fast resposne - no worries :slight_smile:

@scday94 What’s the fastest printer out of the lot we have? Looking to create something quite rough, was going to go with 1.5mm layer height for example. Print is quite large (325g), looking about 4hrs long atm on Cura with 10% infill

None of them will do a 1.5mm layer height, the nozzle isnt the correct diameter and the heat won’t keep up. Have you had an induction to 3d printing? I can’t see you on either of the user lists. If you haven’t done an induction you won’t be allowed on the machines. Add yourself to the waiting lists. I will hopefully be running one in the next couple of weeks.

@scday94 hey, yes I had one with Julia last year. (In Novemeber)

Thanks, after a bit of googling have found layer hieght should not exceed 80% of nozzle diamater.

Yes thats the rule of thumb! The fastest machine we have is the Bambu X1 but you relal y need a little top up induction for this as there a lot of new bells and whistles and a few potential snafus which will cause the print to fail. Also as this is a substantial amount of filament so I would also suggest purchasing your own spool of filament for this.

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Thanks, yeah the Bambu does look a bit fancy I will stay clear, I’ve redesigned to be a bit more sensible and gotten fillament down to 66g, but still looking like a very high print time (4hours 22mins). Will continue tweaking and look out for the next induction to learn about the Bambu :slight_smile: