3D Printed Joinery (Any ideas / advice?)

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Hi All -

I found this lamp design recently that I really love. It looks like the joinery to hold the legs and arms is 3D printed. Does anyone have ideas on how to accomplish this? Would love to try to build it myself.

Obviously the main wooden parts would be turned but I’ve never done any type of joinery in another medium.

Thanks :smiley:

hi Kris,

the wood dowel rods could be turned but i think it would be difficult without a resting tool to hold the wood in the middle @woodlathetechs?
you can buy the dowels… based on the pictures i’d say a 25 or 30mm dowel rod to cut to size.

about the 3d parts… you can design a 3 components connection for the 3 legs so it can open or close according to your needs (middle pivot to hold the 3 components)

and a 2halves connection to hold the light head

hope it helps


I’ve recently signed up to the forum but I’m not a member.

The photo of the lamp caught my eye and I had a Google…

There is a better photo of the parts here:

I wonder if you could heat and mold some pvc and join them?

https://www.yeggi.com/q/dowel+connectors/ - loads of options

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Thanks y’all. Very helpful ideas and photos!

@Federico - Can you elaborate on the 3 components connection with a middle pivot? Or any chance a sketch of some kind?

i don’t have a sketch… let me see if i can explain myself better…
the 3joint connection can be a 3 separate parts:
1 tube and 2 side that connects inside it

sorry about the horrible sketch but on my phone it’s difficult with a finger…

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Makes total sense! Thank you for the idea :smiley: