3D GEEKS : Blender / 3D / VR / GameDev / VFX General Meetup?

Hi there,

First time posting here - I became a member just as the 'Rona went wild back at the start. I’d just got my fob - and have not come in since alas.

Anyway, are there any/many 3D enthusiasts in the Space?
If so, I thought it may be cool to just have a freeform general 3D geeking show-and-tell meetup. And go from there. It’ll be an excuse to dust of my 19" Alienware (I call it the punishment laptop - because it’s so big and damned heavy and I had my surface nicked at an airport… )

Just an example of the sort of stuff we’d be showing off/talking about:

Blender and other 3D modelling skills (i.e. I’m really enthusiastic about Blender and just bought “Random Flow” on the marketplace).
GameDev - (I’ve been making a game in Unreal using my newfound hard-surface skills in Blender)
VR - (and VR gamedev/visualisation etc)

Anyway the above are just rough ideas - it’s what I’ll be showing off anyway :slight_smile:

Got something cool you want to show off or just want to be enthusiastic about 3D with other 3D geeks. Bake out some AO maps or chat to someone about node-based pixel shaders? This MAY be the place. Anyway, say if you’re interested and we can look at setting up a meeting night :slight_smile:


I would be happy to learn Blender! I evenings work for me, except Thursdays evening.

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oh my word abbykat !!

hypnotist/morris here, hope you are well mate!

(hopefully you are who i think you are lol)

Hey Monty - long thyme no sea! :wink:


wow, i regret saying hello now.


Ok, it seems there’s some interest in this, so maybe we should have a meet n greet.

Is there anyone else with some 3D art, gamedev, computer vision, photogrammetry or whatever else also willing to come bring and show off their stuff? It’s gonna be a bit freaky if its just me alone with a laptop…

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