2x Daleks, which so far five of the community are involved in (im sure there will be more later )

(Brian Cox (no relation )) #1

2x Daleks full size currently being worked on by five members ready for Bedford who charity con on the 13TH of April
Dalek one is in the main clean area
Dalek 2 is next to the laser cutter
storage until 13Th of April
Many thanks Brian D=

(Dean Forbes) #2

That is cool but will they go home after the event ?

(Dermot Jones) #3


(Dean Forbes) #4

They are still here :slight_smile: both of them

Brian you have at least 3 project I am aware of (the last few times I have see you, have been working on your mouldings) these projects never appear to get completed,

I feel its reasonable that I suggest that you focus on one at a time and then start on your next major undertaking . They take up an inordinate amount of space in small spaces and this makes it awkward and unfair. It may actually help you finish, if you focus on one at a time

(Brian Cox (no relation )) #5

Hi, well so far both neck bins have been done and mesh applied (many thanks Jonty and Howard ) eye ball done on the wood lathe just needs a rub down and the end tapering (many thanks Petra ) Callum will be doing a bit of metal work on the inside and mount the hinges on a back plate (many thanks for jumping on board) and the skirt upper section , plate and plunger and guns made and mounted on Monday , so things are coming together rather nicely :smiley: Also the electronics will be mounted in the Renegade later in the week with a voice, light and gun effect will also be fitted, update photos later , Brian D=

(Dean Forbes) #6

@platinumnqueen22 Brian would you mind putting in a fresh storage request for each project and stating when you intent completing them, I am not sure what your priorities are.

  • The moulds, which you have been mostly working on when I have been in
  • Darlek One
  • Darlek Two

I was of the understanding (from this thread) that they would be going on the 13th of April 2019 (darleks) they are both back

I feel it would be prudent If you could work on and store at SLMS one project at a time, both for you and consideration of other members of the space :slight_smile:

Obstructing the back door

Obstructing the front door (kind of)

(Brian Cox (no relation )) #7

Hi :grinning: no problem there, although they are both on wheels and can spin on a penny dermot is aware they will be moving on next Friday ( after everyone who would like a go driving a Dalek that’s a member ) and has attracted interest in the makerspace community and passers by , although I suspect someones been driving the black renegade around already as he was parked next to the seating area the other day, Brian D=

(Dean Forbes) #8

Brian - Thanks for the reply

Dermot may have been aware of your plans but the members/community were not - we all use the space

(Dean Forbes) #9

@directors no storage request and rolling narrative ?

first storage request long expired second amendment to the first one missed and third verbal one too …

(Brian Cox (no relation )) #10

Hi :grinning: Dermot asked if the DALEKS could be used for the makerspace maker fair week as he thought it would be a good thing to show, yes most people whom frequent the space know already and things have progressed well on them both, however if you are not in the space or would like to pop down and have a natter let me know. I have talked to Dean on the matter already if he is unsure as to the matter at hand I will be there today and tomorrow :face_with_raised_eyebrow:working on them. Brian

(Andy Sanderson) #12

@platinumnqueen22 - gentle reminder, these cool and great for events like open evenings etc… But unfortunately they are larger than the largest tools in the shop, it’s not really fair to leave them here indefinitely, it has been more than 3 months…

For now at least they are speaking binary together out of the main clean room walkway :wink:

Can we get a removal date?? Thanks!!!

(Brian Cox (no relation )) #13

Hi all ,:grinning: almost done just need to do a bit of paint work on the one and drop the electronics in the other and repair the bumper (17 days ) to finish it off sorry for the extra time it has taken, with kindest of regards Brian D=

(Andy Sanderson) #14

Cheers, thanks for the update!