2nd Simple bag making workshop - all welcome7

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By popular demand!
Our places for the Bag making workshop on our normal Textiles Social filled up quickly - so I am running a second event.

We will cut out and sew a simple tote bag including a zip top. Everyone welcome - member and non-members.

If you’ve never used a sewing machine or put in a zip this is the afternoon to try. We will make a very simple tote and learn the basics of cutting pattern pieces, using the sewing machines, and inserting a basic zip.

We will have all the materials you need to get started on the night and will be there to show you how.
Please book your place by editing this wiki post to add yourself.

Date: Saturday, December 10th, 2022
Time: from 1.30pm to 3:30 pm (please come a little earlier just so we can start on time)

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i think me and my wife are in this one unless i’m mistaken

Thank you Tracy for organising this! Looking forward to December 10th!

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Thank you Tracy for organising another session :slight_smile:

Thanks for organising this - I’m going to be making some seat cushions in the near future so this is perfect timing to start learning my way around the sewing machines

Just want to give a heads up, when we ran the session on Tuesday, we overran by about 30 mins so we are likely to finish around 4.


Thank you so much for organizing it was so much fun :smiley: and I gained so much confidence :smiley:


Workshops were amazing. Thank you so much Tracy, I’ve learned a lot and had loads of fun. :bowing_woman:

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Absolutley! Tracy established a very nice atmosphere and is a great educator! Despite me being all thumbs, I am still really thrilled about the bag I made! Thank you once more Tracy!!!

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