2D CAD on iPad?

Does anyone use an iPad to do the sort of 2D CAD that would be needed to drive a laser cutter? Looking for recommendations.

Do you mean a vector graphics editor to generate SVGs? Or is this something more specific?

If it’s vector drawing: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/linearity-curve-graphic-design/id1219074514 [used to be called Vectornator but it’s pretty good]

If it’s true CAD then Shapr3D. It’s a full 3D suite, but you can export 2D SVGs, which should work for a laser cutter.

Well they both look useful!

Was thinking more along the lines of vector graphics but I’m going to check out Shapr3D too

Thank you!

I’ve used shapr 3D - it’s very powerful and intuitive. It doesn’t support parametric design fully though (I think it’s now in beta) but you need the paid version to export exf. Afaik

I’ve had a quick look and it seems strangely similar to Fusion 360 (but without parametric features, timelines etc)
I really like the fact that a finger touch navigates and a pen touch selects.
Education version is free, and rather easy to apply for!