21th of october 2021, electronics night!

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Hello folks!

I’m going to wait for you all Thursday night at 7.00 PM at the Space!

More info on Meetup!


See you there Andrea!

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I keep meaning to come to this but am either too tired after work or just forget. I’ll be on holiday in two weeks but will try to make it to the one after that!

Do we have a TV in the space with RF or composite connections? I’d like to bring some of my broken retro computers in and try to fix them up, recap them etc.

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We have a TV but at the moment it’s not easily reachable.

Best option it’s to buy a cheap composite to usb out of eBay for this kind of occasions

Also, do you need help/ parts ?

Thanks, I could definitely do with some help when I come to fix it. I think the first step is to identify what the faults are. I have a ZX Spectrum with a bad RF output, but it might be the TV that doesn’t like its signal. I can see something behind the noise, but it’s faint. I don’t really want to do any destructive composite mods. It will probably need recapping too.

The big TV is off the wall due to repairs to the Clean Room plumbing – the plastic stand for it to go on the table should be in the vacinity…but wouldn’t rely on being able to find it in the mess

I have a divmmc if you need to run software, why wouldn’t you do an RF mod? You could do it reversible.

I don’t have an analog.tv sadly, all my TVs are DTV…