13th of May 2021: Electronic night *offline* 2021 edition: Electric Boogaloo!

It’s happening!

After almost more then one year we trial an offline event at the OuterSpace!
5 golden tickets are avaiable for the night!
So join me at this tour of the chocolate factory for the night to talk about electronics, tecnology and everything related.

See you at 19.30!




Hi Andrea,
Could you add my name to the list? I would like to attend.

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Nice! I would like to try and make it- what time again?

19.30, let me know if you want to be added or just add yourself :slight_smile:

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This is great to see happening

Still some spaces folk! (or is it just one space @emuboy?)

2 spaces, you want to join @Dermot? @Iain9986?

Sure sign me up!


How did it go today? Any pictures?

Was great! had a lot of fun!


I joined on the Discord channel (but I was the only one!) – was able to join in the fun anyway

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