12 of September 19.00 : Electronics Night!

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Summer is out, Electronics Night is in!

Join us a the SLMS for a evening about electronics, programming and hacking! Bring your project, come for fun, look for help or just to not spend another evening working on your doom machine all alone in the secret base!

@electrotechs Assemble.


Hello I bought the Atmel AVRISP mkII (Paul) . Cannot get atmel Studio 7 to see it . Will come today . Hope some one can help.

Uh, I haven’t been using one of them in a while, will happy to help!

Thanks for the offer. Will take it you up on it.

something come up not sure if I can make it

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Don’t worry!

Hi Andreas Thanks . Got 3 others involved and solved the issue. bought a different isp programmer.

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