1 bag of wood spindles and 1 bag with mold for resin

(Petra) #1

A bag of spindles, a mold and resin with hardener and pigments. 2 bicycle wheels.

I’ll work my way through the material but ideally will take it from the space to my storage soon.

The resin and pigments will stay here as are occasionally used and also shared with members.

Storage Location (be precise)
Snug. Left handside with the bags and wheels and right handside with resin and pigments.

Wheels will take out soon as well unless someone would be in a need of them - happy to pass on (they’re old though).

Start Date (be in the future if possible!)
eg. Friday 28th March 2016

End Date (be pessimistic)
eg. May/June

(Martin John Finch) #2

Your wheels are in the clean room leaning against the big table - they were well marked with your name. Near them are more wheels, and a bag of miscellaneous bike parts if you are interested.