Z80 building group workshop

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Hello People,

I’m planning to build a(nother) z80 microcomputer and I was wondering if anyone want to join me in the adventure.

I build a RC2014 and I have spent a lot of time on Classic Computers I already have some tools and electronics skills but this time I really want a CP/M machine.

The idea is to build the Z80-MBC2 perhaps order some PCBs and compontents and the more we are the easier and cheaper will be.

You like the idea?

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That looks kind of cool, but I want VGA out, and no Arduino, that’s cheating!

I have my own design on paper but I need to finish the things I’ve already started first. It feels like even simple stuff is beyond me at the moment.

That’s why you should have an arduino and not VGA ! :stuck_out_tongue:

you should go SMD!


nice, sadly I have a spare z80 already :open_mouth:

maybe I should build a zx spectrum

Spectrum sounds cool.

gee the part bill it’s £150 from RS :open_mouth:

Clive would not be impressed at that price

Neither Bob would be.

I built on once after we got home from the pub out of the scrap bin it wasn’t very good

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well, what do yuou expect, coming back from the pub? :smiley:


I’m interested in the project. Maybe we can find the components on aliexpress?

This was in Jenuary, my projects shifted a bit…

Oops didn’t notice the original post date :slight_smile: