Xmas tree and gifts Sublimation workshop

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This is a Christmas gift and tree ornament themed workshop for members interested to learn more about Sublimation and the workflow involved. A contribution of £10 to cover materials will be needed as I have to buy in the ceramics - these make unique personalised gifts that people really do like, especially when you make it for them :slight_smile:

Here is some of what we made during the first workshop: Sublimation Printing Workshop

PREP work: :Laser cut a shape out of cast acrylic and/or bring high resolution photos of kids, pets, loved one or Christmas themed designs EMAILED to yourself: we can also just ask the AI’s to make a design

The workshop will be structured into 2 parts:

  1. How to use the Swing 30x30cm heat press safely
  2. Creative sublimation workflow for flat Ceramics and Cast Acrylic

The whole workshop will last 2 hours - Space will remain open for an additional 2 hours for those who want to practice and use a second material, ill help out where needed :smiley:

We will cover:

Discussion on how to incorporate DALL-E/Adobe FireFly and or some art app you are familiar with into the workflow to create a graphic; You will get a chance to have a go at one of those tools if you want to.
Testing the printer before we print
How to use the heat press safely
How to handle hot bendy acrylic and Ceramics as it comes off the heat press
Settings needed for Sublimation using:
3mm Cast Acrylic sheet
Sharing what we made on discourse

You will then each have a chance to print/heat press your own design on ONE material, materials will be provided for you, after the workshop you can do a second material if you want
Technical note: For those wanting to do acrylic, EXTRUDED acrylic does not work - it has a lower melting point to CAST

If you want to have an acrylic shape specifically to your design cut but have not been inducted yet to use the laser cutter let me know and Ill bring it with me for you

Tools needed: if you have an iPad and/or Laptop please bring it. Any questions send me a message!

This is a WIKI document so you can self edit
To take part simply add your name below or confirm you coming by posting a message you would like to attend with your @name there are 7 places available.



Second sub workshop as promised for those folks who could not attend the first! :smiley:

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Sorry - I’m away that weekend on a pre-xmas family visit. Hopefully catch the next one.

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This is a great event! Sorry I won’t be able to make it will try to make it next time

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I’m making a bunch of small wooden boxes and was thinking that part of the lid could be sublimated using UniSub for a future workshop as I know you want to make a box :slight_smile:

Remixing these 2 designs maybe:


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Hey Dorine I would love to come! If we do want to do a second material/design, should we bring something along? (I’m imagining making Christmas decorations for two friends with pets!).

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There will be left over stuff from the workshop we can use. It’s just some people can only stay 2 hours so as to make sure everyone gets a go, it’s 1 material. I’ll be there to help those who want to do more with the mats I know and we can do some testing if it’s mats Ive not tested before :slight_smile:

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Did you want to join? The list is at 4 now :slight_smile:

Yes please!

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@Dorine This sounds so much fun! I’d love to join the workshop on 17th Dec if there’s space. I’m not a member yet, would you allow non-members to come? Thanks, Becky

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