Would love some advise - Planning end grain!

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Hey all,

I’d love to get your thoughts on a project I’m working on. I sadly made some very uneven cuts to the pieces in the picture below on both top and bottom sides. I need to glue all these pieces on top of each other and of course unable to do so until all my surfaces are flat and even.

Due to my errors, I now need to figure out a way to evenly plane these.

I know that with end grain it isn’t the best idea to use the planner thicknesser but I wondered if a good way around this would be to build a sacrificial guide around the pieces and make a number of very small passes?

I guess the other option is to use a flattening bit on a router but my confidence in doing this myself isn’t great, I also feel this would be a much longer process so maybe I’m looking for a quicker way around all of this.

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Hey, it’s looking really good. Successful glue up :slight_smile:

We could put it through the thicknesser, but there is a high risk that it’ll blow out, even if we make a jig. Router with a jig would be your best bit, the initial set up and jig creation will take a bit of time, but once that’s set, it won’t take long to get these all flat. You could also do them on the mini CNC, that’ll be the most accurate and probably also the quickest because you can run the same program on each piece.

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What’s their size?
@Ryanf is right, if they can fit in the mini cnc it would be like and automated routing

Thanks both :slight_smile: !

I will give the router a go, unfortunately not had a mini CNC induction yet.

Sounds like a job for the drum sander, although have done this on the big cnc

Also my router sled is still around the workshop, saw it on Saturday

Oh that would be super helpful, do you remember where it was? Unless it’s better i build my own?

It’s only the part to attach to the router , I would recommend modifying it ar building your own.

It was with the lumber by the lathe on the first wood shelf. I would recommend putting some bracing in to stop flexing

You could possibly sand them with an orbital sander but the drum sander would be the best, are you still planning to turn them 90 degrees?

haha well thats the other big error i made…the 90 degree turn doesn’t work with 5x5 lol, i should have made it 4x4 OR 6x6 So i also need to stagger and cut off the ends but thats not the end of the world getting even cuts as it’ll be taken on to the lathe then.