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Hi maker spacers
Do you need anything from workshop heaven? If so please let me know and we can make up a single order. It would help me out as I am ordering a low cost item which is more than doubled in price due to postage. Let me know if you need anything, we can split the price of postage.

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Hi Giles,

This waterstone would be great to get for the space as I could get the other one:

I am keen on buying a thing, have you ordered yet? PM me and I’ll ping you the money or vice versa.

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Sorry, Jonty put my thing in with his order.


I have already sorted an order. Sorry.

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I am going to Tyzack’s, Monday or Tuesday. They are cheaper than workshop heaven for the same products. They sell a king 1000/ 4000 combination stone. We already have a glass sheet we could buy a 240 grit self adhesive diamond sheet to flatten the stone. It’s similar to what I am doing and bearing in mind the fairly hard use the edge tools at the space get, suitable for such. The 240 grit self adhesive diamond sheet will also establish primary bevels and remove chipping. What I suggest is a complete system and won’t require further expense for a considerable period of time. If you would like me to get the stone please let me know. I am saying this on the assumption that we don’t really have a sharpening system.The scary sharp seems to have gone for a walk anyway, we need an aggressive system I think. So let me know.

Jesus, keep replying to myself .

I will loan my faithfull diamond stone to the space in four weeks time. Personally I don’t rate it because it’s not flat enough but it will repair damaged edges well enough.

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