Working on laser etching photos

(James Worcester) #1

Currently I’m working on a workflow for laser engraving my photos into wood…
inspiration taken from whoever had the 3 images with different settings of the beard.

(Pete Hellyer) #2

looks awesome. Can we use for some #showtrotecsomelove on social media?

(Dermot Jones) #3

Also: we want to showcase some laser cut/engraved work at the Maker Festival

(Louis) #4

The bearded guy was me and no, it’s not Howard. The lines in you engrave are from the ply, consider experimenting with other woods for some cool engraves. Looks good though!
Please also remember to clean the lens and mirrors periodically when running big engrave jobs one after the other…

(Louis) #5

Oh forgot to add, side lighting these engraves increase the quality of the effect.

(Dermot Jones) #6

Me again…on the hunt for showcase pieces for the Festival this Saturday

@Jonathan…got any bridges handy?

(Louis) #7

Ha, that would have been good, that is currently on its way from Birmingham to Copenhagen…
if I had 15 hours and a lot of ply maybe… :joy:

(Louis) #8

@Dermot, We could knock out a freebie item like a key ring or something you can give out to visitors?

(Dermot Jones) #9

Sounds good

We have graphics for stickers from @charlottecou

(Louis) #10

Send me a sample of what you are after and a quantity and I will get it done…

(Charlotte Couttie) #11

Here is a PDF I’m not quite sure how many we are after though

stickers.pdf (757.7 KB)

(James Worcester) #12

Sorry for the late response I’ve had a lot going on. Yes, I’ve actually got a story about one of the things I etched that will defiantly do well on social media. I’ll do run some of my images off for Sunday also it would be good to chat in person at some point about the story which we could put out and show trotec the love they deserve !

(James Worcester) #13

Yes that’s what I discovered from watching the pieces being cut…they always look so great as they’re being then took take it out and it’s underwhelming.
I did speak with @Edd about this and he did suggest trying an inverted layer I needed acrylicthrn mount the two piles together with an led reflecting of refracting on the two. I’ve not had a chance to try this yet but I should

(Dermot Jones) #14

Hi, there’ll be people working on Festival stuff every day/evening, just let us know when you’re around… intrigued by the story…

(James Worcester) #15

im on lates at work meaning I finish at 10:30 pm every night

I’ll share the story here for you incase I don’t bump into you before sat…

'id been working through photos id taken in the past. seeing what would work for the laser cutter in terms of etching. I found a pic id taken of st Pauls did my best to optimise the photo and then at 4-5 am turned up to etch my photo from a a pice in a piece of wood I had spare from the dresser I built. I was pretty impressed by the results and had the idea of leaving it in the spot where the photo was taken, with a note to the new owner telling them who I was and that they should feel free to take the piece home. a few days later I received an instagram tag showing that someone had found the pice both beautiful and valued it enough to carry it home. ’

(Dermot Jones) #16

Lovely story - have you got the social media link - or an image?