Woodworking tip - Proportions

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Hello woodworkers,

I’ve been thinking lately about how to help members make things in the wood shop and one of the most difficult things to understand when designing anything is proportions and how the scale of objects relate to the world around us. Before designing anything, it’s a good idea to look into anthropometrics, after all, most of what we make is interacted on by humans/animals.

Anthropometrics is an entire field that documents measurements of the human body, which is incredibly useful if you’re looking at designing anything that will be used IRL. Along with understanding ergonomics (application of anthropometrics), it’ll give you a good base to begin designing pieces of furniture, rather than having fictional sizes to work from.

I am currently working on a chair and have found this website quite helpful. It’s a good starting point to get relative dimensions and work from there.

Anyway, I just thought this might help someone that doesn’t know where to start but might want to start designing a piece of furniture.


Wow! Impressive, didn’t realise you have a current project, maybe post your designs and ideas?

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My collection of books has this gem of light reading!


Oh, that’s nice. I think we should get one for the woodshop library.

Steve, I always have projects. Just no where to put them. :slight_smile: the only place they can live is in my head for now.


PDF of the book

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Very true, I have a similar issue which is why I’m making a tiny chess set :roll_eyes:

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Thanks Brendon.