Woodworking - Router

(Chris Hunter-Johnson) #1

Is it necessary to go on a woodwork Router induction to use the router.
(Have used the DeWalt router with Trend router table at Adult Ed class.)

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(EdwardBilson) #2

Short answer yes, longer answer is that there isn’t a formal induction for this tool yet, so wood techs assess on an individual basis and will try and facilitate projects.
@lewisss may be your best bet.

(Mark Johnson) #3

Our router is out of action at the moment, we are waiting for a replacement

(Chris Hunter-Johnson) #4

Thank you.

(Chris Hunter-Johnson) #5

I am making a box. The carcass of the box needs a groove cut that does not go the end for the box base.
Not got to this stage yet - preparing the backs and sides then Dovetailing required.
The wood I’m using is White Beech.