Woodtech making a fool of himself

If anyone is finding themselves at a loose end the weekend 27/28 October,

there may well be a familiar face in the cast of lizzie Streaker.

The london Theatre , New Cross


Break a leg

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Othello…all female cast?

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haha no , I am not in drag! othello is the week before!

:grinning: treading the (planed and thicknesser-ed) boards!

Look forward to hearing it all about…alas I’ll be in Shropshire

“A modern take on the Greek Classic Lysistrata by Aristophanes where the women refuse their men until they stop going to war.”

In fairness, you’ve never needed a theatre to make a fool of yourself.

Nice to see our techs have hidden depths!

I never would have guessed this for your hidden talents…

Good Luck!

Three words: “Makerspace Group Outing” - anyone up for it? Fringe theatre always needs… I believe the technical term is “bums on seats”.


@lewisss are we OK to heckle and sing songs of support ?


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Haha …
Emphatically NO!


psst, he didn’t say no to signs, banners and general flag waving, folks :wink:


shameless plug, this is on this weekend , (please do not come if you are easily offended!)

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My partner and I are going tonight (Saturday). Come along and support some fringe theatre!

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Tickets booked for 6pm today!

Cheers , and thanks to everyone who came last night

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well if anyone missed out last time and if anyone who came fancies seeing me again!!

I have a lead part this time
South London Players present

Friday 14th and Sat 15th Dec Fri 8pm & Sat 7pm £12

DING DONG MERRILY by Lisa Pancucci

It’s Christmas Eve. Snow is falling as four friends meet for dinner. Amongst

the roasted chestnuts and mince pies old wounds are re-opened. Will it be

Goodwill To All Men or is that blood on the tinsel? ‘Ding Dong Merrily’ is a

dark comedy about love, anger, retribution and unrivalled arrogance,

where festive feelings collide and, in this Heaven the bells aren’t ringing.