Woodshop inductions update

(Mark Johnson) #1

Hopefully if you have recently gone into the wood workshop recently you would have noticed guide a bit of progress there.

The tools have been organised so they are easy to find and use.

The @woodtechs have been busy getting the power tools ready and safe for inductions.

@joeatkin2 and the working group for the inductions have done a stellar job if getting the process as safe and as efficient as possible.

Currently we have over 50 on the waiting list.

But we do have 5 woodtechs and a couple from the trial process that will be carrying out the inductions.

So this backlog of waiting members will be cleared very quickly

We are planning a final run through this weekend with the actual inductions rolling out shortly after

(JK) #2

Thanks, good news and big Thanks to @woodtechs

(Adam Corbett) #3

big thumbs up

(Dermot Jones) #4

Fantastic to hear!

The induction waiting list isn’t due to be sorted till Tuesday 21st. Feels like that will be a bit late for members to plan for inductions next week. Shall we try to get that list sorted earlier to aid in hitting the ground running?

(Tom Newsom) #5

The signup rate seems to have slowed to a stop so yeah Tuesday is probably a wait for waiting’s sake

(JK) #6

Yeah, it is all a bit confusing from the numbers, however we will be Woodshop Inductees soon, that’s what matters, so I will be patient and look forward to it.

Was there yesterday eve and watched how @joeatkin2 and @Kostas were making a very good, proper set of Induction Papers. Very conscise, everything ticked, professional and in order.