Woodshop inductions Level 2 including router and table saw

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(Chanelle) #1

@woodtechs I was wondering where we were at with wood-shop inductions part two and giving members access to tools such as the band-saw, router and table saw. I vaguely remember a conversation in a member’s meeting about year ago that mentioned these were on the way and members with pressing projects involving these tools were being prioritized. Is this still happening? Is there a waiting-list? How often are the inductions rolled out?


(EdwardBilson) #2

Couple of things at play here I think.

  • Tablesaw - basically waiting on a final touch up of the drafted induction, revised RA and tool control. The last one is the tricky one. There is a temporary tool control (which I think has a couple of reliability issues?), but it’s not perfect.
  • Bandsaw - this is so close! I want to get the induction done and get people using this. It’s easier and safer than the tablesaw.
  • Router - done on a case by case basis at the moment. What’s holding this up is writing and trialling an induction (I think - @TomHedges?)

These have all been too long coming, I know, and I think it’s a mix of time to get stuff done and specific things like tool control. Jonty’s been really pushing other improvements in the shop in the last year as well: the shop is a generally safer and better place to work in than it was a year ago. We’re also actively looking for additional techs! Many hands make light work.

So, to answer your questions specifically: Yes it is, it’s just been held up; not yet, because we’re still waiting to finish up the inductions; once we’re set we will do a waiting list and (if the inductions are short enough - e.g. bandsaw potentially) get people inducted as they need to get them making stuff.

Does that help? Again, I appreciate this has been way longer than I wanted it to be.

(Chanelle) #3

I think you answered my questions perfectly! I just wondered what stage it was at, patiently waiting to use the router.

Thank you.

(Tom Hedges) #4

Many moons ago I wrote up draft inductions for the table saw and green bandsaw (see tool’s pages on discourse) - but i’ve not been involved with any router inductions. Very happy to help, if wanted.

(Dermot Jones) #5

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(Chanelle) #10

I thought there was a woodshop level 1 waiting list? @woodtechs is that right? I opened this discussion to see what the deal was with level 2 inductions in the woodshop.

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