Woodshop induction

(Callum Harris) #1

Hey @woodtechs, would there be a good evening this week for me to be inducted on the woodshop tools? I’d like to use the wood shop this weekend if possible.

Sorry if this isn’t the right place for this.


(EdwardBilson) #2

Hi Callum, I’ll drop you a message.

(Jack Maran Hewetson) #3

Hey sorry to hijack this but I would also really like to get an induction on the wood shop tools.

Let me know when you might do this?

(kevin) #4

Same for me too

(EdwardBilson) #5

Hi Jack and @kcg - right now, add your names to the induction waiting list on the admin section of discourse. I am going to go through the list tonight and make sure it’s up to date as there are people on there who have already had inductions.

I’ll then try and run an induction in the next couple of weeks.

(kevin) #6

Thanks, name added.

(Jack Maran Hewetson) #7

Thank you! I am now added too. Also I am very keen to get inducted on the laser cutter but the induction waiting list for that says CLOSED. Who do I need to talk to about getting an induction on that?

(Dermot Jones) #8

@lasertechs in particular @petra and @Jonathan should be able to help you out

(Jack Maran Hewetson) #9


(Helen Quadling) #10

I’d like to sign up for the laser cutter inductions but can’t access the list. Keeps saying access denied when I click the link on the induction message. Please help.

(Dermot Jones) #11

Hi Helen,

Your first payment hasn’t quite reached us yet – when it does you’ll be able to sign up to inductions, and see the members areas of Discourse. This should happen Tuesday or Wednesday

(Petra) #12

Hi Helen, there’s no list but I’ll sign you up on the next one. You’ll need a vector file to bring in, something to cut and engrave. in .svg .ai or .dxf

(Helen Quadling) #13

Thanks so much for that, Petra.

(Verma) #14

Hi Woodworkers,

Is there an induction to the wood workshop coming up?
I’m keen to get going on my project and would like to make sure that I’m inducted before starting.


(Scot Warner) #15

Same still also interested in getting this induction so I can attend the other woodshop machine inductions.

(Dermot Jones) #16