Woodshop compresor leaking water


The aircompressor needs to be maintained, it is leaking water which prevents us from using it for laser cutter maintanance that is due.

Ya, well overdue! Will drain it tonight!


Fixed for now… yukk

Will post more details later but we need some more thought into the shop air situation…


Re woodshop air - the led was showing all red up to the top

This is why FFP3 is needed in there (that’s also beyond recommended levels of CO2 for machine use I think)

Yep, far too much dust getting airborne

Its not always all the way up… i was working in there last night and it was close to the bottom…

I meant ‘shop air’ as in compressed air! Not the regular air :slight_smile:


It ought to be directly related to room occupancy…but the sensor on it is actually detecting VOCs I think, and using that as an equivalent for CO2, so could be triggered by solvents too

Yea with 1 person I have observed it to be low, but 3 people can peg it…

Got this!

Will change the air compressor oil this week…

And check the auto drain is working properly


Fresh oil is in!